Begrüßung auf Englisch (Business)

Begrüßung auf Englisch (Beispiel "dinner speech" Geschäftsessen)

Begrüßungsrede auf Englisch (Beispiel Geschäftsessen)Ladies and Gentlemen,

I’d like to say a few words. ☺

Welcome to the wonderful Pipe and Glass Inn in Sheffield!

Here in the heart of the Pennines, you can really see why they call Yorkshire the Backbone of England.

And after this event, I imagine the entire North of England will be walking with a cane! ☺

Ladies and Gentlemen, on this special day, I’d like to share the wisdom of a famous Yorkshireman with you, the actor and mountaineer Brian Blessed:

„You can't call it
an adventure
unless it's
tinged with danger.

The greatest danger in life,
is not taking the adventure
at all.

I think
we've all got to go
after our
own Everest.”


We got our boots on!

Our Pennines await! ☺


Besser zur Begrüßung als alle Beispiele:

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