Hochzeitsrede auf Englisch (Beispiel Bräutigam)

Hochzeitsrede auf Englisch (Beispiel Bräutigam)

Lustige Hochzeitsrede in Englisch

(Beispiel Bräutigam-Rede)

Dear guests,

Welcome to Mauritius and to our wedding!

Before I go any further, I’d like to thank my wife Margaret for making me so happy.

When I met Margaret, my first thought was:


This is a decent girl ...

You’d better behave yourself!“ ☺

But that was during Cologne Carnival, and after a few beers that’s easier said than done! ☺

Luckily it seems to have worked out well. ☺

Unless you remember anything incriminating, Margaret?

Actually, maybe we should discuss that later …☺

For those of you who don’t speak Persian or Sanskrit, ☺ the name Margaret means „pearl”.

Which is certainly fitting. ☺

Margaret, you always look amazing!

I’m so lucky to be marrying such a beautiful, intelligent, warm-hearted woman, and one who can run rings around me!

In my line of work, I handle a lot of clothes, and every time I see a stunning dress, I imagine it on Margaret.

Believe me, it looks twice as good.

I’d also like to thank all of you for travelling across the world to be here.

To see hundreds of familiar faces is truly a welcome sight!

Now you can sit back, relax and prepare yourselves for dancing … that should help us all work off that wedding feast. ☺

You all have helped to make this an incredibly joyful day, and we are very grateful.

We are truly lucky to have such close, caring families and friends.

With that in mind, I’d like to invite you all to celebrate with us!


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